My Developers Are Smarter Than Your DBAs

by @Nick_Craver

What would you do here?

Last month at Stack Overflow:

  • 1,468,389,303 Page Views
  • 5,183,954,727 HTTP Hits
  • 71,562,833,811,315 Bytes Sent
  • 3,202,505,376 CDN Hits
  • 54,400,000,000,000 CDN Bytes
  • 19,532,899,854 SQL Queries
  • 81,505,688,410 Redis Ops
  • 18.2ms Average Render Time
  • roughly 5-10% capacity

How do we do that?

Go that way, really fast.

If something gets in your way...turn.

We're not ready to turn yet.

Being part of a team


You no longer know all the things

You don't have time to learn all the things

Merge conflicts


You have help

Lots of help

More victims for the wheel of blame


Most interactions with a DBA require 2 people

This is true of anyone you're asking for a service

Perspective & Scope

We know the things we know

Except knowing what we know

Insight and decisions are based on our world

Specifically, the world as we see it

Fog of war

What does this allow us to do?

Tag Engine


Moving /users into redis

Anything we want


We love Q&A.